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2014-04-16 Meeting Recap

Written by , April 16, 2014 in Meetings

We are back to PeopleSpace for our latest meeting.

The new comedy on HBO called Silicon Valley has really hit the startup community on the head.  Check back for a review.

Ethics and Kickstarter found a rather heated debate about how projects get funded on Kickstarter.  This will be the topic of an upcoming blog post.

How to find a bus dev cofounder was briefly mentioned. It seems that technical cofounders are harder to come by (except at TIMEOC, of course).  There are lots of events in the area for networking, so that is the first suggestion of how to meet your perfect founding partner.

The new blog that you are reading now was talked about and how the strategy was changed from as the center of a hub and spoke strategy to the blog being the center and Meetup becoming a spoke.

Staying focused, spend less time on unproductive things was then asked about and the 5 levels of TIMEOC was suggested as a way to work on the right things. The Lean Startup book and some others was also suggested to help reduce the risk of a startup venture.

The Heartbleed attack on OpenSSL was another reminder to change your passwords if you haven’t changed them recently.
An ecommerce solution for WordPress question got Woocommerce as a suggestion.  For general recurring merchant gateway services Braintree was suggested.
Another great meeting! Thanks TIMEOCers!

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