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2014-04-09 Meeting Recap

Written by , April 9, 2014 in Meetings

21 TIMEOCers at the event.  A new record!

The meeting was at the Amazon offices in the Irvine Spectrum which is always a great venue for us.  We had about 5 or 6 new faces and some great new ideas out there.

One TIMEOCer had an idea to address the elderly market and got some ideas about how to structure his business model to address the issue in a unique way.  We also had a visit from Jhon at the Meetup Kickstarter Krew who told us of his experiences on Kickstarter with his project, the m][3 mount.

And speaking of Kickstarter, our own TIMEOCer Lionel is close to getting his Kickstarter project Genius Strap funded. Good luck Lionel!

We also spoke a bit about how to give and receive feedback from our blog post on the subject.

There is also a new process for reviewing member websites. The first step is to go the Landing Page Checklist to make sure the page has all of the needed items, or have a good business case for why a certain item isn’t necessary.  Then when the site gets presented the member goes through that list with what they were going for to meet each criteria.

What does “gaming the system” mean?  As entrepreneurs it is common to see someone with a clever approach to a marketing that others have not tried.  When does it stop being clever and start becoming unethical?  Ideas came up regarding transparency, meaning that if everything is visible and open it gives prospects the opportunity to know what they are buying.  This leads into the other issue of “Asynchronous Knowledge” which means that one person has access to a lot more information then another.  In the startup world we need to do our best to be clever without crossing the line.  Hopefully our group discussions can help advance that cause.

Cafe Press was also mentioned as an easy way to make t-shirts, mugs, and tons of other stuff with your logo or other info without buying anything up front.

Lastly we try to always give a shout out to Social Media Masterminds of Orange County (SMMOC) for inspiring our rules and meeting format.  If you want to learn more about social media check them out.

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