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2014-04-26 SMMOC Meeting Recap

Written by , April 26, 2014 in Bus Dev

Another great meeting for Social Media Masterminds of Orange County!  Here is a break down of some of the things discussed at the meeting.  My apologies for the lack of attribution of who said these great ideas.  In many cases it was a group effort.

How do you find out if a picture of yours is being used on other websites?  It they edited it, it might be a challenge to find.  But if they just copied it, try using Google Inside Search.

If you want to protect content on the web and don’t know how to write legal documents, try Creative Commons.
What can I do to start a Google+ from scratch and get followers? Look for people online that you want to connect with and begin the conversation.  You can also import your Facebook friends to Yahoo, then Yahoo to Google+.
Twitter syndication – This is when you automatically copy posts from one service to another. One tactic was to copy Twitter to Facebook, but not the other way around.
Landing pages are web pages to act as the first page a web visitor lands on when they click on an ad for you on another site. Then you have a subscribe area for visitors to sign up for your email list. One way to do this is to Tweet out a message with a link to your landing page. is a site to help you make your landing pages better. Landing page conversion help, templates, A/B testing, etc. Another site to improve landing pages is Lead Pages (from Aweber).  See which one works best for you.  Both Unbounce and Lead Pages are pay-to-play, so if your stop using them all of your analytics and landing pages used to generate them are gone.
HubSpot is a great resource for info about inbound marketing like blogs, social media, etc.
An attendee had a question about their online traffic school (for people that get moving violation tickets) and how to market it.  Suggestions included using directories, Google Ad Words, and looking at competitors to see what can be done to emulate their strategy.
Back to website traffic from the traffic schools was the site Teaching Blog Traffic School.  It costs $59 a year and has videos and other resources for learning how to build traffic.
How to get more local website traffic?  Try the free service from Moz  (it used to be that tells you what sites your local business is listed on currently and which ones need to be updated.  A must-have site for any business trying to get local traffic.
For keyword analysis, especially long tail keywords, try Word Tracker.  It will help you find keywords to get web traffic.
Semantic search was brought up as a way for search engines like Google to find the intent of what is meant by text rather than just the words themselves. Interesting.
Under strategies, the question was asked whether it was worth paying for a premium account. Most attendees didn’t think so except for recruiters.
For backing up your data, what backup strategies are there? Local backups involved buying hard drives (at least two) and alternating them. For online there was Dropbox and Carbonite.  But online solutions are time consuming to do a complete restore if your hard drive fails.
Under passwords, it was suggested to try using a different password for each website.  Tools like Last Pass and SplashId keep your passwords safe.
Lastly, a service to unsubscribe to the many sites you may have subscribed to throughout the years:
And, of course, the famous multi-color white board by the groups fantastic moderator, Bob Watson. Thanks Bob!

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