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How to Setup a WordPress Blog

Written by , November 2, 2011 in Tech

WordPress has become a very popular method of publishing blogs and making web sites.  There are several ways to get a WordPress site going, and here are some pros and cons.

  1. – The easiest and fastest method to get your blog launched, you will be writing you blog within literally minutes of going to this site and signing up.  You lose something on flexibility and where your data is stored, but its a good place to start if you aren’t sure about where to begin. And it’s FREE!
  2. Hosting plans – This gives you a bit more flexibility and power for a bit more money. has a paid service as well as hosts they recommend, Hostgator and other web hosts are also available too.  If you currently have a hosting plan for your website you may want ot check out your current host for WordPress options.  This would be free for you yet have the benefits of the paid services.
  3. Dedicated or colocated servers – This is the most complicated option, but all of the data resides on your system and you have the most control.  The question is whether you will need that control.  Check out the WordPress installation page for more information.


That’s it for this week.  We will have other WordPress blogs in the future, and hopefully this got you started!


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