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TIMEOC is here!

Written by , September 27, 2011 in Misc

This is the first post of the TIMEOC blog!  We are starting a new group that we hope will be a great source for the local are in several ways.


1. As a source for beginners and gurus to talk about technology, software development, business development and everything else related to getting ideas into action.

2. As a way for people with knowledge to have a location and audience to teach what they know to others that want to learn.

3. As a “micro-launchpad” for those of us that have an idea or two that we’ve always wanted to turn into reality. We want a place to assemble resources to get these things done, so they can move to the next level.  That could mean seeking investment or another round of development depending on the resources, the idea, and the best method of execution.


YOU SHOULD GO to the weekly Wednesday meetings if you fall into one of these groups:


1. Beginners who want to learn more or solve a problem involving technology.
2. Experts in some aspect of technology that want to discuss high-level problems in a non-technical way or that want to share their knowledge with others.
3. Business development people who want to offer help in turning ideas into a business, monetize technology, or simply help execute on an idea.
4. Investors who want to find opportunities to fund.
5. Anyone else who wants to explore technology.


I hope that there is a balance in these groups, although I’m not sure of the formula for the best mix. Half software developers? Three-quarters beginners? 30% business developers? I just don’t have that answer yet and hope the group can grow into its most optimum combination of these amounts.


If you are interested and fall into one of these groups, we would love for you to check us out.  Please RSVP at our meetup group ( ).


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